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Meguiar's Headlight Lens Correction Kit - G3700

Meguiar's Headlight Lens Correction Kit - G3700

SKU: G3700

Travelling with scratched, foggy headlights can be unsafe.


That’s why Meguiar’s has introduced its all-new Headlight Lens Correction Kit.


This affordable and easy do-it-yourself kit requires nothing more than a little elbow grease and contains everything needed to beautify the headlights of any car, effectively eliminating light oxidation, general cloudiness and surface scratches and ultimately delivering a crystal clear finish worthy of a show car.


Save the cost of replacements and get safe, clean headlights again with Meguiar’s Headlight Lens Correction Kit.

- Shipping time within 24h from submitting the order
- Delivery fees 25AED per order all around UAE

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